Another month down :-)

The 2nd month of my experiment is gone.  I have to admit, I was terrible with my eating and hardly had my spearmint tea.  I’ve been really lazy.  I’m telling myself that it is justified because I’ll be so busy the rest of the year with my post-grad studies that I needed to rest before I started.  I really know that I was just being lazy.

Interestingly, this month is the first time in my life that I have ever had a late period.  My period was a week late and I had 2 negative pregnancy tests before it started.  I wonder if this was because I was so slack and my hormones were more out of wack.  I have had a bit more acne this month, but it isn’t too bad.

The worst thing at the moment is the return of nipple hairs.  So gross!  The extra hair growth with PCOS really makes me feel very unlady-like.  I often joke with my husband about him marrying a “man”.  Sometimes this gets me pretty down.   I think the trick to making myself feel better again is to be very girly (eg. dress up, wear make up, do my hair really nice, go shopping etc.).  Not only do these things make me feel good about myself normally but especially when my femininity is being challenged.

Do any of you do the same kinda thing?


Spearmint tea to reduce androgens

With all my reading into controlling PCOS naturally something fascinating that I came across was that spearmint tea haws been shown to reduce androgen levels.  Androgens are the male sex hormones that those of us with PCOS have too much of and cause the acne and hair growth.  I read this on a couple of websites and then tried to find some proper research on this.   The only study I found was this one .  This study was only done over 30 days, but it did show a reduction in testosterone levels.  They say at the end of the study that spearmint tea could be effective but the research isn’t good because the study was too short.

So if this works, spearmint tea will do what the pill was doing for me by controlling hirsutism and maybe acne.  I also did a search to see if there were any bad side effects from drinking spearmint tea.  The only thing I found was that if you have a lot of it your kidneys won’t handle it so well.  Oh, and if you’re a man it probably isn’t the best thing to drink for obvious reasons.

I then hoped on Ebay and bought a bag of organic spearmint tea from Germany (way cheaper than buying it in Australia).  Customs opened it and had a look.  It looked really bad opening my parcel at work and pulling out the black bag.  The girls all teased me about ordering drugs online.

I decided not to start having it regularly until I stopped the pill because I thought it would be a waste and might not be the best thing to double up on the anti-androgen stuff.  However, I had to try some as soon as I got it home to see what it was like.  I was greatly disappointed to find that it tastes pretty awful.  So, I didn’t touch it again until last week when I stopped taking the pill.

The recommended “dosage” that I read was 1 teaspoon to 250ml of water (let it soak for 5-10 minutes) twice a day.  I’ve had it at least once a day for the last week and a couple of times twice a day.  I still don’t like the taste, but I figure it’ll be worth it if it works.  I have been really bad with my food this week but I’m back into it now and this is what my breakfast looks like now.


Hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas!