And so it begins…

Today is the first day in my journey to control my PCOS without using the pill.  The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur with hen’s party organising, the wedding and now getting ready for Christmas.

I really should have thought through the timing of this better because there has been an over-abundance of chocolates and other bad (but oh so good) foods readily available for me this past week.  Not to mention all the Christmas parties with all the free food.  I just feel like it is such a waste of free food to not eat something that I really enjoy and eat a lot of it.  After Wednesday that should all start to settle down.

I don’t expect to see any real difference until after 3-4 weeks, but I’ll keep you up dated on how it goes.  Hope you all have a great and safe Christmas time!


Homemade Muesli

I’ve been reading about eating organic foods to help with PCOS.  Basically, organic or “real” food won’t have chemicals, hormones (eg. meats) etc.   Eating organically is healthier and better for everyone but with PCOS it is more important as our bodies are already out of whack and adding chemicals, hormone, etc. will make us even more out of whack.  That’s the theory.

I’ve been looking a lot at this blog &, about cutting out processed food and that made me look at the ingredient lists on some everyday foods that I eat like my morning muesli.  I was suprised that my fairly natural looking muesli had chemicals and preservatives in it.  I then googled home made muesli recipes and came up with this combination that I love (especially with the fruit and cinnamon on top).


10 cups rolled oats  (I think I’ll make it 12 cups next time to make it go further)

1 cup linseed

1 cup sultanas

1 cup almonds, slivered

1 cup pepitas or pumpkin seeds

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup chia seeds

Psyllium husks for more fibre

Add fresh chopped banana, apple or berries and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per serve


There is a store in our area that sells all these ingredients for good prices they have big tubs of different things and you scoop out how much you want into your bag then they weigh it at the counter.  It gave me some ideas I’ll have to try later on 🙂

Cinnamon is supposed to help with insulin resistance and glucose control so it is really good for PCOS too