Spearmint tea to reduce androgens

With all my reading into controlling PCOS naturally something fascinating that I came across was that spearmint tea haws been shown to reduce androgen levels.  Androgens are the male sex hormones that those of us with PCOS have too much of and cause the acne and hair growth.  I read this on a couple of websites and then tried to find some proper research on this.   The only study I found was this one http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19585478 .  This study was only done over 30 days, but it did show a reduction in testosterone levels.  They say at the end of the study that spearmint tea could be effective but the research isn’t good because the study was too short.

So if this works, spearmint tea will do what the pill was doing for me by controlling hirsutism and maybe acne.  I also did a search to see if there were any bad side effects from drinking spearmint tea.  The only thing I found was that if you have a lot of it your kidneys won’t handle it so well.  Oh, and if you’re a man it probably isn’t the best thing to drink for obvious reasons.

I then hoped on Ebay and bought a bag of organic spearmint tea from Germany (way cheaper than buying it in Australia).  Customs opened it and had a look.  It looked really bad opening my parcel at work and pulling out the black bag.  The girls all teased me about ordering drugs online.

I decided not to start having it regularly until I stopped the pill because I thought it would be a waste and might not be the best thing to double up on the anti-androgen stuff.  However, I had to try some as soon as I got it home to see what it was like.  I was greatly disappointed to find that it tastes pretty awful.  So, I didn’t touch it again until last week when I stopped taking the pill.

The recommended “dosage” that I read was 1 teaspoon to 250ml of water (let it soak for 5-10 minutes) twice a day.  I’ve had it at least once a day for the last week and a couple of times twice a day.  I still don’t like the taste, but I figure it’ll be worth it if it works.  I have been really bad with my food this week but I’m back into it now and this is what my breakfast looks like now.


Hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas!


My best ever acne!

I thought I should take some photos (they are down the bottom of the post) now before I stop taking the pill.  As I said in my first post I’m waiting to stop the pill until after my friend’s wedding.  I think my acne is about as good as it has ever been since … probably since I started getting acne as a 13yr old.  So, it is pretty awesome (at least I think so) at the moment.

When I started the pill 5 years ago, I started on Levlen ED and stayed on that for 2 years then I asked to be put on a lower dose pill (Loette) which I was on for roughly 2 years then I changed back to Levlen ED.  I don’t remember my acne being as good as it is now in the first 2 years I was on Levlen ED.  It certainly got gradually worse on Loette.

I went off the pill for a couple of months at the start of this year, because I was having my hormone levels tested and it was soooooo bad.  I had it coming up on my chest, shoulders and back, and my face was just plain awful.  It  will probably be one of the most challenging things for me when I go off the pill again (at least with hairs you can pluck it and their gone).  My hubby is awesome, very encouraging and will accept my spotty pus filled face, which is great.  I will be the one that has more trouble accepting it.

Having said this, I hardly ever wear make-up to cover it all up.  Mainly because most make-ups I have tried tend to leave me with a break-out the next day.  If I were to try wearing make-up every day to work I would end up with more to cover than when I started.  I’m also lazy and don’t like the time it takes to get good coverage.  I have been using Natio make-up lately which doesn’t seem to set off my skin as much as others which is fantastic.

I have tried multiple products to clear up the acne but they just tend to burn my skin with all the acid and peroxide.  They are so expensive as well and on top of the burnt skin most of them don’t work.  I’ve pretty much given up on facial products other than moisturiser in winter.  The humidity in summer (like now) makes my skin so oily there isn’t much need for moisturiser.

Two of my sisters have had bad acne as well but my older sister’s cleared up when she was in her early 20’s.  The younger sister still has it but she is still a teenager. My other sister hardly had any pimples and was always the one to complain most if she did get one.  I get so annoyed with her and other girls that complain to you about their “one” pimple that they have had months apart from the last one.   Do they not see you are scarred for life from yours and you have multiple pimples at the time????  I always say, “let’s do a trade.  We can swap skin because your skin is clearly UNBEARABLE!”  (RANT OVER)

Anyways… that is my acne story.  Hopefully, eating cleaner, drinking more water and more exercise will help.

P_20131124_075928  Right side of face – tinted my eyelashes the other day 🙂

P_20131124_075942  Left side of my face – my fine facial hair is really bad in this photo 😦 at least it isn’t that noticeable in real life

P_20131124_075956 Forehead