Very Late Update

I’ve been so slack with blogging over the last month/s.  I blame Christmas, being on holidays and always spending heaps of time with my friends & family.  Hope you all had a great holiday time.

So, since I stopped taking the pill about a month and a half ago now, not much has changed so far.  I did get a few more pimples at times, but at the moment I have none again.  I have noticed that the couple of hairs on my chin seem to grow back a fraction quicker, but that just could be my imagination.  I think the pimples could just have come with different bad foods I’ve been eating and also the weather being so humid, my skin gets pretty oily.

I’m pretty sure I had a cyst on one of my ovaries at some stage.  It wasn’t too bad just made it’s presence known.  When I was on a lower dose pill I was getting cysts so I was kinda expecting that. 

Anyway,  I’m so happy with how my skin is right now, lets hope it lasts.  The spearmint tea is growing on me, some days I have an extra cup to make up for what I’ve eaten. 🙂 I have no idea if that will make a difference but I like to think so.


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